Ceiling Tiling And Flooring Works

Maintaining a sophisticated yet stylish Home Decor can be a very tricky process for you. While Planning and plotting of the interior design can be simplified with the help of professional services, the execution is always a herculean task and needs a heavy investment of time, efforts, and money. And on top of that if your house has a lot of distracting factors, especially on the ceiling part like Air Conditioner ducts, open electricity wires, lighting fixtures, apparent cracks, etc. then the work only increases as you need to figure out how to get them covered. The only solution you have is a \”False Ceiling\”. Fetters, a Dubai based firm offers you this service in order to gift your home what it is built for.

A false Ceiling is basically a second ceiling suspended to the original ceiling of your house and is mostly made of a metal or a wooden frame. It not only covers all the above-mentioned irregularities of your ceiling, but it also elevates the overall appearance of your home decor as there are many different materials that can be used and also a variety of lighting combinations that you can try out in your False Ceiling.